Rocky Island
the adventure camp

The adventure camp built amidst

large rocks and trees

within an Orange orchard at an altitude of

2010 feet, is a pleasant retreat

to experience the unending sound of

flowing river in the silence of nature.

Its a twelve-month destination.

In the torential rain the craziness of the

river with startling sounds,

the rolling stones,

the tree of fireflies

will astonish you.

Tent Facilities:

Cottage Tent, Arctic Tent, Dome Tents 

are available as per requirements. 



Neora Valley National Park 

 the rain forest of India  

A compact virgin forest of
rich biodiversity is the
Neora Valley National Park,
comprises tropical and temperate vegetations like Oak, Bamboo,Rododendron, Cane,
Tree-farn and various type  of Orchids.
A number of animals like
Red Panda, Flying Squirel, Civet,
Clouded Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger,
and birds like
Horn Bill, Niltava, Yuhina,
Black Eagle, Tragopan are found
in this tropical rain forest. 
Chilapata forest
The Forest forms an Elephant corridor between Jaldapara National Park and
Buxa Tiger Reserve and is rich in wildlife.
The Eastern Doars is
somewhat opposite from it's western
foothills alluvial part. 





The lower range of Neora Valley 

is well known for its tranquil landscape

in the foothill of Kalimpong hills,

where Mochuki at upper Samsing acts

as entry point whereas

upper range is Lava.


Dooars lies in the sub-Himalaya foothills

acts as a gateway to Bhutan and

North East States of India.

The valley with facinating landscape 

with dense forest,

Tea garden valleys, and meandering rivers

makes it ideal to enjoy

the difference.

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   38, Saradamani Road


   Siliguri 734001